The authorised recipient of the Booking Confirmation acknowledges the acceptance of the below Rockinghorse Unity Pty Ltd (“RH”) Terms and Conditions;

Conditions of trading by Client:

  1. Confirmation of Studio Booking by Client and Payment of fees:
    A booking is confirmed on provision of the booking form or email verification from RH plus the receipt of a deposit of no less than 25% of the total fee set out on the booking form or email as well as a photograph of the Client’s credit card for bond purposes.Payment of the balance of total fee is required to be made as follows:a) A further 25% of the total fee no less than 30 days prior to the commencement of the booking) The balance of the total fee (that is the final 50%) no less than two weeks prior to the commencement of the booking.
  2. Cancellation or Postponement of Confirmed Studio Booking:
    If a booking is cancelled by the Client then the Client is liable to forfeit the amount that has been paid, or is payable, up to that date in accordance with Clause 1 above. RH can and will do everything within our means to reschedule the booking.
    Bookings may be moved without charge up to seven (7) days from arrival. A $200 administration fee may be applied to bookings moved within seven (7) days of the initial booking start date.
    If the Client cancels a booking for whatever reason (outside of COVID-19 related travel events), the deposit paid up until that date will serve as a cancellation fee, when cancelled within 30 days of arrival. No cancellation fee will be applied with more than 30 days notice.
    We may apply a credit note for the received studio fees to a rescheduled booking, if the booking is confirmed no later than two weeks after the date of cancellation. If applied, the credit note will be valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the new booking confirmation date.Our cancellation policy is continually being reviewed to ensure that we are taking into account developments associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19).If, prior to departure, the Client is unable to travel due to government mandated travel restrictions and border closures (excluding the need to test and isolate on return to your own home) preventing you, the booked Client, from reaching the property, we will issue a credit note for the amount of money paid (less any commissions paid to online booking agents such as, STAYZ, Airbnb, View Retreats etc.), otherwise our standard terms will apply.
    This credit note can be used at any studio within our portfolio within 6 months from the removal of the travel restrictions by the relevant government.
  3. Charges:
    The artist/s, producer/s, and engineer/s attending studio sessions on the Client’s behalf are deemed by RH to be duly authorised representatives of the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to set limits on charges arising from or for sessions.RH are not liable for any costs or expenses incurred by the Client’s representatives during the course of, or related to, studio sessions.
    Sessions running beyond 8 hours of service will be charged at an overtime rate of $80 per hour. Calculated in 30 minute increments. The Client only is liable for this charge. See section 10 for hours of service information.
  4. Services provided
    The services provided by RH to the Client for the total fee are limited to the provision of equipment, studios and their facilities and any booked professional staff.
    The Client will view and sign off on an equipment list to verify quantity supplied with at the beginning of each new session.
    Otherwise if any additional services are required such as, catering, provisions, off-site accommodation bookings, transport, storage, then RH can arrange for those services to be provided by third parties at fees agreed between the Client and the third parties. Such fees are payable prior to the conclusion of the booked period. Such additional costs are the client’s responsibility and any unpaid charges to RH or third-party suppliers can be deducted from security bond.
    RH will provide recommendations for appropriate third parties at no cost. If the Client wishes RH to arrange and organise those services then this will incur an hourly administration fee of $55.
  5. Cleaning and Care of the Studio.
    The Studio is to be kept in a clean, neat and tidy condition during the client’s booking. NOTE COVID-19 protocols dictate that all work surfaces in the studio be cleaned before and after each session. As part of the ongoing RH COVID-19 Safe Business practices, RH will cover these associated costs. RH can arrange for a third party to provide a more regular cleaning service at Client’s cost.
    At the end of the booking the Client is to leave the Studio in the same state they found it upon commencement of the booking, failing which, additional cleaning fees will be charged to the Client on an hourly basis and this can be deducted from the security bond.
    The Studio contains very expensive and sensitive equipment. Client’s will be responsible and liable to pay for any damage they cause to the equipment.
    NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the studios with the exception of bottled water with screw top or fixed lids . No drinks are to be placed near any studio electrical or musical equipment.
    NO SMOKING of any substances at all in the studio. No naked flames or burning objects (e.g. incense) allowed in the studio at any time.PETS are permitted to be brought to the property only by agreement with RH, at its complete discretion, and on its strict terms only as agreed prior to the booking. Pets are not permitted within the studio buildings and must be under owners control at all times.
  6. Goods and Services Tax:
    All prices quoted are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax unless otherwise stated.
  7. Occupational Health & Safety:
    Clients and their representatives located on RH premises must comply with industry occupational health and safety guidelines. RH reserves its rights absolutely to refuse use of any Client or Client representative’s equipment (including software) on RH premises if, in RH opinion, such equipment exposes RH property to risk of loss or damage, is unsafe or breaches occupational health and safety laws including failure to comply with Electrical Safety Standards AS/NZS 3760:2003.
  8. Damage and Loss:
    At the time of booking the Client is to provide RH a copy of all relevant insurance certificates for outside contractors, such as public liability insurance. RH reserves the right to require the Client to obtain any reasonable additional insurance, refusal of which will constitute a cancellation of the booking by the Client.
    Obvious risk that a Client should ensure that their insurance covers would include but is not limited to: cancellation of booking due to unexpected event like accident or illness; damage being caused to expensive equipment; loss of work/recordings due to malfunction of equipment or other events. Clients are liable for payment of such losses and their insurance policies must cover them.
    In any event:
    A) The Client indemnifies RH and its employees against all and any losses, damages or claims by third parties howsoever arising in respect of any loss or damage to any property including recording media, corruption of data or computer systems and software, breach of intellectual property rights, personal injury or death, breach of contract or breach of law caused by an act or omission of the Client or its representatives.
    B) The Client is liable for all and any losses, damages or claims in respect of any loss or damage to any of RH’s property including recording media, corruption of data or computer systems and software, breach of RH intellectual property rights, personal injury, breach of contract or breach of law caused by an act or omission of the Client or its representatives. To the extent permitted by law, RH is not liable for any losses, damages or claims arising out of or in connection with this contract, the use of RH premises or equipment (including software) by the Client or its representatives, the provision of services or advice by RH or its employees, including but not limited to breakdowns or defects in equipment, facilities, and materials provided by RH or any default on the part of RH or its employees in connection with or during the carrying out of any work by RH or its employees.
    C) Whilst every effort is made to ensure reasonable security, RH accepts no liability for loss, theft or damage to Client property or recording/backup media whilst on our premises.
  9. Archiving
    If archiving of projects is requested, RH archives the material on the most reliable media available at the time of archiving for no more than thirty (30) days from the booked session’s end. Fees will apply for onsite data transfer outside of the booked session. RH takes utmost care with the archiving and storing of materials but will not take responsibility for media that deteriorates over time, breaks, develops faults, or is in a format that becomes obsolete. RH does not guarantee the archives can be recovered. The service is used for convenience and not to maintain data integrity.
  10. Engineer and Producers
    The supplied Engineers and Producers are not employees of RH but are sub-contracted by RH to provide services at RH.
    The daily working hours of the Engineers and Producers for the Client are at their discretion but in accordance with relevant industry practice and laws. The Engineers and Producers are required to provide a maximum of 8 hours of service per day, with suitable breaks for lunch (30-40 minutes) and dinner (40-60 minutes), on average. Engineers and Producers may opt to extend their work hours at their discretion and in consultation with the Client. Overtime fees may apply as per section 3.
  11. Credit of Studio, Engineers and Producers.
    RH is conscious of the reduction in opportunity for artists to appropriately credit those who have contributed to the writing, recording and producing of original music works.
    It is hereby agreed that all recorded material is accredited to RH and where appropriate any of our producers /engineer’s support services.
    Following a completion of a booking RH and the Client will agree on the form and details of the crediting.
    The Client is asked to reference, link or “tag” RH into any social media posts made by the client during the period of the booking or in direct reference to the activities of the client at RH. Further the Client when releasing any material recorded and or produced, in part or whole at RH, which is referenced on social media, is asked to on at least one occasion, clearly reference the individuals who have contributed and credit, reference, line or tag RH on those posts.
    This in addition to the usual industry and legal standards and requirements for crediting artists, engineers, producers, studios via download and streaming services etc.
  12. Studio Noise restrictions, access arrival & departure
    The Client will contact RH at least 24 hours before the commencement of the booking to advise of the time of arrival for the first day of studio use.
    The Studio is open for use from no earlier than 9 a.m. each day.
    If Clients are not staying on-site then the Studio must be vacated and the Clients must have left the property strictly no later than 10 p.m.
    Clients, unless they have booked onsite accommodation, are NOT to stay overnight on the property in any circumstances. RH can assist with alternative accommodation at cost price plus an administration fee of $55 per hour.
    Any complaints from neighbours regarding usage of the Studio outside of the hours indicated can potentially result in significant loss to RH. This is reasonable grounds to result in forfeiture by the Client of the security bond.
    On transaction of a deposit to RH, the Client agrees to the above Terms and Conditions.