Recording Studio

Recording Studio

This iconic Byron Bay recording studio was designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind, undergoing upgrades in 2020.
Taking design cues from classic studios of the 70’s, Studio A is wrapped in warm natural timbers with wide open windows, allowing an abundance of natural light to fill the space. Clear site lines connect the three isolated tracking rooms with the one of a kind control room.
Renowned for having the best sounding drum tracking room in the greater region, this is a space for creation and getting the work done. A safe space to bring your vision to reality!
Set in the Byron Shire hinterland with a range of accommodation choices available, take a break and bask in the fresh air and sunlight of the surrounding countryside.

Hosting Neve and Avalon mic preamps and channel strips, GML and Pultec equalizers as well as Neve, Urei, DBX and Smart Research compressors. The control room is supported by a Slate Monitoring Control system and Slate Raven multi touch screen console.
Built around a 32 i/o ProTools HDX system with Lynx conversion, Studio A can also accommodate external systems if required. Running Ableton or Logic off your own laptop? Bring it in and we will get you sorted.

Available for dry hire or in-house engineer/studio packages.

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The Equipment

Recording System
  • 2020 Intel Mac Mini
  • Protools HDX  running Protools Ultimate Version 2020.5
  • Lynx Aurora n 32×32  AD/DA  Converter
  • NS10M

  • Genelec 1032A

  • KRK V8 S4

  • Slate Monitor Control

Pre Amps
  • 4 x NEVE 1064

  • 24 x NEVE 1272

  • 1x Avalon M2

  • 16 x Neve V Series Channel Strips

  • 2x Pultec EQP-1

  • 1x GML 8200

  • 3 x Urei 1176

  • 2x NEVE 2254 with Stereo Link

  • 2 x UA LA4A with Stereo Link

  • 2 x DBX 160

  • 2x DBX 160xt

  • 1x Smart Research C2

Studio Effects
  • 1x SPL Vitalizer
  • 1x Rod Harris Stereo Valve Stage
  • 1x Ursa Major Reverb
  • 1x EMT 240 Gold Plate Reverb
  • 1x DBX 120xp Subharmonic Synthesizer
  • 1x Roland Dimension D
  • 1x Sansamp PSA-1
  • 1 x Neumann U89i

  • 2 x Neumann TLM 170

  • 1 x Neumann U47 FET

  • 3 x Neumann KM84

  • 1 x Senheiser 441

  • 2 x Senheiser 421

  • 2 x AKG C414

  • 1 x AGK D112

  • 3 x ShureSM57

  • 3 x Shure Beta 57

  • 2 x Shure SM58

  • 1 x Shure SM7B

  • 1 x Beyer M201

  • 2 x PZM Mic’s

  • 2 x EV N/D 408A

  • 2 x Royer 121 Matched Pair

Headphone System
  • Behringer Powerplay P16

  • 5x Beyerdynamic DT 770  Pro Headphones

  • Yamaha U3 Upright Piano

Available for hire
  • Gretsch Round Badge Drum Kit (No Hardware or Cymbals)

Instrument Hire

Should you wish to receive a copy of our instrument hire prices, please fill in the form below.